Samsung Note 10+ SM-N975U1 Android 10 Official firmware

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ SM-N975U1 Android 10 Official Firmware (Binary: 2 – N975U1UEU2BSLC). Download the latest Stock ROM for SM-N975U1. Optimizes the operating system and fixes hang logo / bootloop…

Download firmware for SM-N975U1:

N975U1UEU2BSLC_N975U1OYM2BSLC_LRA_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UEU2BSLC_N975U1OYM2BSLC_ATT_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UEU2BSLC_N975U1OYM2BSLC_CCT_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UEU2BSLC_N975U1OYM2BSLC_USC_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UEU2BSLC_N975U1OYM2BSLC_XAR_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UES2ASK2_N975U1OYZ2ASK2_TMK_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UES2ASJ8_N975U1OYM2ASJ8_TFN_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare | AFH – Mshare | AFHMshare

N975U1UEU1ASH4_N975U1OYM1ASH4_ATT_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UEU1ASH4_N975U1OYM1ASH4_VZW_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

N975U1UEU1ASH4_N975U1OYM1ASH4_TFN_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

Premium Download:

Downloading via Google Drive (Unlimited) is available for Premium Account.


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