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New ICCID Code – Last updated every day

These are the new ICCID codes to help you temporarily unlock the iPhone. Last updated every day.

New ICCID Code Update – Latest

89014104270225994242 – 04/16/2019

89014104270225994168 – 04/16/2019

89014104270225985018 – 04/16/2019

89014104270225997237 – 04/16/2019

89014104270225985935 – 04/15/2019

89014104270225985968 – 04/15/2019

89014104270225985117 – 04/15/2019

89014104270225985125 – 04/15/2019

89014104270225990000 – 04/15/2019

Show all 49 latest ICCIDs | Need Premium

Apple bug fixed: Please update IOS 12.2 to activate with ICCID. Need keep R-Sim chip inside the iphone now.

How to unlock iphone using iccid:

Step 1: Insert a unsupported SIM with the R-SIM into a locked iPhone.

Step 2: Launch Phone app and type *5005*7672*99# and then tap edit ICCID.

Step 3: Type 8901-4104-2778-0604-3133.

Step 4: Restart the device and follow the setup.


80 thoughts on “New ICCID Code – Last updated every day

  1. Help says:

    Something’s wrong… I already pud the entire numbers on the emergency call but it just says,
    ‘Setting Succeeded
    Serving Center Address
    No Address’

    Please Help

  2. Satish says:

    All ok.but at final step after connected to wifi and tring to activate it shows itunes logo only.cant seen home screen.plz tel me the solution

  3. Josh says:

    Is not working for me, I’ve tried and I get either activation error or if get to the main screen when I introduce the unsupported sim the phone goes back to the activation/sim not supported screen

  4. Muhammad Shafiq says:

    Hi Guys here is any one ho can solved my problem for iPhone 4s 9.3.5 ios
    I know guys it’s too much older but it’s a last memory of my papa he was using this during in foreign trips but i really don’t know which country he brought this iPhone for using
    Actually when he was died i am a child
    So if anyone knows how to solve the problem.
    Sim not supported

  5. Manel says:

    Los codigo funcionan, pero no hay otra forma que no sea dejando la r sim afuera como lo era antes y no dejando la R si, adentro. POrque yo desbloqueo muchos iphone con este metodo, pero dejando la R sim adentro no me combiene, NO abra otra forma de que siga como era antes?

  6. Josv says:

    ok so,the phone recognizes the lab r-sim card and it seems to unlocked it but when I put the actual sim card in,it goes back to sim not recognized .. some body please help.. I can leave the r-sim in because im using the plastic type.

    • Steve M says:

      Yes that is correct the Rsim 13 is no longer functional. Apple has patched the vulnerability so no longer works. You now have to keep the SIM card inside the SIM tray with your R Sim but you’ll have to go back to Rsim 12 for that to work. It will not work with Rsim 13.

    • Unlockampm says:

      You have to keep the R Sim in the phone with the SIM card you’re wanting to use otherwise it will not work. So you have to use R Sim 12 to do this R Sim 13 will no longer work. If you remove the R SIM card and put in your carrier Sim card then the phone will go back to activation screen and you will get SIM invalid each time as Apple has patched this vulnerability.

  7. khan says:

    hisir ios 12.2 .not activated with this iccid plz help . going to menu with iccid sim but when put sim card its not work

    • Steve M says:

      No R-Sim 13 no longer works you have to use the R-Sm 12 and keep it in the phone underneath your regular SIM card that you want to use.

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