Oppo A83 CPH1729 Official Firmware

Oppo A83 CPH1729 Official Firmware + Tool. Download the latest Stock ROM for Oppo A83 CPH1729 ( Ver 11_A.30), they help unbrick, bootloop fix,error system fix, hang logo fix. Besides, they also help you to remove screen password and bypass FRP Oppo A83 CPH1729.


Download firmware for Oppo CPH1729:

CPH1729_11_A.30_190924_a82c3dab_EXP.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_A.30_190923_a82c3dab_EXP.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_A.29_190809_a82c3dab_EXP.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_OTA_0290_all_M2CdA86bizls.ozip | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_A.28_190626_a82c3dab_EXP.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_A.28_190625_a82c3dab_EXP.rar |  AFHMshare

CPH1729EX_11_A.27 OPPO A83(3G+16G)(3G+32G)(4G+64G)_OTA.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1729EX_11_A.27 A83 (2G + 16G) M6763E_11_OTA.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_OTA_0280_all_3ad1pm0OL670.rar | AFHMshare

OPPO A83 (2G + 16G) M6763E_11_OTA_0260_all.ozip | AFHMshare

OPPO A83(3G+16G)(3G+32G)(4G+64G) M6763D_11_OTA_0260_all.ozip | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_A.26_190428_a82c3dab.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1729_11_A.25_2G 190329_a82c3dab_EXP.rar MshareAFH

CPH1729_11_A.25_3G190328_a82c3dab_EXP.rar MshareAFH

CPH1729_11_A.24_2G190213_a82c3dab_EXP.rar | MshareAFH

CPH1729_11_A.21_180923_a82c3dab.rar | MshareAFH

CPH1729_11_A.21_180922_a82c3dab.rar | MshareAFH

M6763E_11_A.23_190111_a82c3dab_EXP.rar | MshareAFH

M6763C_11_A.22_181123_a82c3dab_EXP.rar | MshareAFH

CPH1729&CPH1827_11_A.13_OTA_0130_all_201804190846.ozip | AFHMshare

CPH1727_11_A.24_OTA_0240_all_201804192020.ozip | AFHMshare

Premium Download:

Downloading via Google Drive (Unlimited) is available for Premium Account.

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