Oppo R17 Neo | RX17 Neo | AX7 Pro CPH1893 Firmware

Oppo R17 Neo | RX17 Neo | AX7 Pro CPH1893 official firmware & Tool (Flash File). Download the latest Stock ROM for Oppo CPH1893 ( Ver 11_A.14 & 11_C.32). Updated from Oppo. Operating system optimization, hang logo fix , bootloop fix , FRP bypass , and unbrick,…

Download firmware for Oppo CPH1893:

CPH1893EX_11_C.32_191209_8fa83627.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1893EX_11_A.14_190926_7e7d4659.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1893EX_11_A.13_190823_7e7d4659.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1893EX_11_OTA_0120_all_QTpwvB0uCVUA.ozip | AFHMshare

CPH1893EX_11_A.12_190724_78fc8cc6.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1893_11_A.10_190606_78fc8cc6.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1893_11_OTA_0080_all_OIUclOOP8cpD_local.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1893_11_A.09_190522_78fc8cc6.rar | AFHMshare

CPH1893_11_A.08_190323_78fc8cc6.rar | MshareAFH

CPH1893_11_A.06_190120_78fc8cc6.rar | MshareAFH

CPH1893_11_A.04_181123_78fc8cc6.rar |  MshareMega

CPH1893_11_A.03_181025_3e88c08c.rar | MshareAFH

Premium Download:

Downloading via Google Drive (Unlimited) is available for Premium Account.

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