Samsung S9 Plus SM-G965F Android 10 Official Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus SM-G965F Android 10 Official Firmware (Binary: 7 – G965FXXU7DTAA). Download the latest Stock ROM for SM-G965F. Optimizes the operating system and fixes hang logo / bootloop…

Download firmware for SM-G965F:

G965FXXU7DTAA_G965FOXM7DTB1_XTC_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU7DTAA_G965FOXM7DTA5_INS_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU7DTAA_G965FOXM7DTAA_BTU_Android_10_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU7CSK1_G965FOXM7CSJ5_INS_9.0_Full.rar | AFH – Mshare

G965FXXU6CSGD_G965FOXM6CSH1_INS_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare | AFHMshare

G965FXXU6CSG8_G965FOXM6CSG5_DBT_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU5CSF2_G965FCKH5CSF1_H3G_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU5CSF2_G965FOXM5CSF2_INS_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU5CSF2_G965FOTF5CSF2_O2U_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU5CSF2_G965FOXM5CSF2_XXV_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU4CSE3_G965FOXM4CSE3_XXV_9.0_Full.rar | AFHMshare

G965FXXU4CSE3_G965FOXM4CSE3_BTU_9.0_Full.rar | Mshare – AFH

G965FXXS3CSD1_G965FOGC3CSD1_FTM_9.0_Full.rar | MshareAFH

G965FXXS3CSD1_G965FOXM3CSD1_XXV_9.0_Full.rar | MshareAFH

G965FXXU3CSD4_G965FOVF3CSD1_VIP_9.0_Full.rar | MshareAFH

G965FXXU2CSB9_G965FOXM2CSB_XXV_9.0_5Files.rar | MshareAFH

G965FXXU2CSA2_G965FOLE2CSA2_XID.rar | Mshare AFH

G965FXXU2CSA2_G965FOXM2CSA2_9.0_XXV_5Files.rar | Google DriveMshare

G965FXXU2CRLI_G965FOXM2CRLI_XXV_9.0_5Files.rar | MshareMega

G965FXXU2CRLI_G965FOXM2CRLI_DBT_9.0_5Files.rar | MshareMega

G965FXXU2BRJ_OXM_G965FOXM2BRJ3_XXV_8.0_Full.rar | Mshare – Google Drive

G965FXXU2BRJ3_G965FOXM2BRJ3_INS_8.0_Full.rar | Mshare – Google Drive

Password: FirmwareX.Net

Premium Download:

Downloading via Google Drive (Unlimited) is available for Premium Account.


Download Samsung Odin Tool – Latest version

3 thoughts on “Samsung S9 Plus SM-G965F Android 10 Official Firmware

  1. oscar says:

    buenas. agradezco mucho por la descarga.
    me podrías colaborar con la contraseña del rar.
    se lo agradeceria mucho, dios lo bendiga

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